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A Holology Special Report, written by Freydis

Earth: 'Exploited for DoD purposes'

HAARP (High Altitude Auroral Research Project) is one of those obscure, peculiar research projects that gets more intriguing the more one studies it, and listening to the conspiracy theories it would seem HAARP can cure cancer, spread it around and much more. Everything's tied in from Tesla to death rays and even the antichrist. Yes it slices, it dices, it's your best friend and your worst enemy, now only $199.99 - but wait there's more!

HAARP is a real watering-hole for the paranoid and radio talk shows because it deals with complicated physics and a plethora of arcane terminology. Although HAARP is supposed to be this secret, mischievous black-project it doesn't seem all that secret to me. They have an extensive, detailed web site and many mirror sites as well. They are in an accessible and publicized location and are responsive to public inquiries, they've even QSL'd HAM listeners after some tests. But although they provide many details, what's not fully stated is the exact nature of what they are or intend to produce from the research. So the official HAARP information sources provide 95% of the puzzle pieces, but it's up to the public to put them together into a complete picture. I think with a little Occam's razor and a lot of radio-electronics common sense we can reach a reasonable conclusion.

To begin with here's what we know:
HAARP is a multiple dipole phased array, electronically steered HF transmitter with a design goal to produce over a gigawatt of effective radiated power. HAARP is intended to be the most powerful and technologically advanced transmitter using 2.8 to 10 MHz for studying ionospheric phenomenon to include improved utilization of the upper atmosphere for communications. Currently the prototype has been built at Gakona Alaska and testing is underway with megawatts now reaching up to gigawatts, with the eventual goal to build on a modular basis a larger complete system in the near-future. The program is run primarily by the Air Force Research Laboratory, Office of Naval Research and Naval Research Laboratory and participants include civilian contractors and university researchers. Since Earth's magnetic fields are concentrated at the poles, overloaded radiation belts, as from solar flares or sudden bursts of radiation, generate aurora phenomenon starting at the poles. This is why HAARP is located in Alaska, it's easier to influence these magnetic / atmospheric phenomena for experimentation purpose.

The geographic coordinates of the HF antenna array array are approximately 62.39 degrees (North) latitude, 145.15 degrees (West) longitude. The geomagnetic coordinates for the facility are 63.09 degrees (North) latitude and 92.44 degrees (West) longitude. [1]

The radio spectrum is divided into several bands based on frequency:

This is an example of a confusing chart from the official HAARP site. It correctly portrays the labeled radio bands and their appropriate frequencies but it incorrectly, or at least misleadingly, places voice frequencies within the radio spectrum. Voice sounds are transmitted through a physical medium, but radio waves utilizing the same frequency cannot be heard or created by the human voice because they're electromagnetic and propagate through an electromagnetic medium. The sound range of the human ear is about 20-20,000hz, so "VF" in this case must refer to a poorly named, obscure portion of the radio spectrum and not audio. Finally, remember that the higher the electromagnetic frequency the shorter (and more energetic) the wavelength.

The stated goal of HAARP is to be the strongest radio research tool of its kind, but what radiation levels does that actually work out to be? According to the official HAARP site this is the answer:

By the time it reaches the ionosphere, the intensity of the HF signal is less than 3 microwatts (0.000003 watt) per cm2, tens of thousands of times less than the Sun's natural electromagnetic radiation reaching the earth and hundreds of times less, even, than the variations in intensity of the Sun's natural ultraviolet (UV) energy which creates the ionosphere. During active ionospheric research, the signal generated by the transmitter system is delivered to the antenna array, transmitted in an upward direction, and is partially absorbed, at an altitude between 100 to 350 km (depending on operating frequency), in a small volume a few hundred meters thick and a few tens of kilometers in diameter over the site. The intensity of the HF signal in the ionosphere is less than 3 microwatts per cm2, tens of thousands of times less than the Sun's natural electromagnetic radiation reaching the earth and hundreds of times less than even the normal random variations in intensity of the Sun's natural ultraviolet (UV) energy which creates the ionosphere. [1]

The ionosphere is a layer of the atmosphere that begins about 35 miles above the Earth's surface and extends all the way out beyond 500 miles. This layer remains ionized by radiation, mostly from the sun. These layers of charged particles are then warped into torus-shaped fields by the Earths natural magnetic influence and the solar wind.

Far above the biosphere and the ozone layer we have the ionosphere, where, fuelled [sic] by the sun, atoms and molecules are constantly being split into electrons and ions, which give the ionosphere its properties and its name. Since the pressure is extremely low (the entire ionosphere weighs less than one tonne!), the electrons and ions are allowed to exist for quite some time before they recombine. A gas which contains separated charged particles is called a plasma and plasma can be considered a fourth state of matter. This fourth state is utterly rare on the surface of the earth. Only where the thunder strikes the enormous discharge creates as plasma lasting for a fraction of a second, and it was not until the 20th century that man was able to create a laboratory plasma. [2]

Project 1010, the HAARP program, is getting between $10 and $30 million dollars annual funding which seems like a healthy amount but the higher costs of business in an environment like Alaska should be considered. Still, this program has been going on for over a decade and shows no sign of being terminated, so it must either have some powerful backers or be yielding some useful research. The question is: what is HAARP really doing up there in Alaska? Many people claim to know and those claims often involve sinister worldwide hazards like mind control, destruction of the atmosphere and even weather manipulation. Here's a rundown of some of the alleged powers of HAARP.

Myth or Reality?

Nikola Tesla invented HAARP super technology now being exploited by the military industrial complex.
Tesla was a very eccentric, now long dead, radio-electronic genius, but he was as much hot air as solid fact and what any of it has to do with HAARP is not always clear except as a useful ploy to garner viewership or palm off static electricity generators to gullible customers as "revolutionary new power sources".

HAARP is punching holes in the ionosphere creating permanent damage to a protective layer of the earth.
That's dubious because short-wave (HF) radio broadcasters have been bouncing megawatts of power off the ionosphere for decades without ill effect. The very nature of HF frequencies means that they dissipate rapidly even at high powers which reduces the area with which the beam can be focused onto any given region of the atmosphere. Punching holes doesn't even make sense because of the very nature of the ionosphere; how can you punch a hole in a fluid (plasma)?

HAARP is the latest "star-wars" antimissile system.
If this thing could really stop missiles by damaging their electronics don't you think the government would be pumping their billions of dollars into HAARP instead of into missiles and lasers that have yet to even come close to successful?

HAARP is a death ray that can strike any point on the globe.
The only radio waves that bounce of the ionosphere are HF and that simply can't kill anyone, after all, you're being beamed with HF radio broadcasts right now by worldwide transmitters - my god were all going to die! The higher frequencies that could potentially be harmful pass through the ionosphere, that's how we get satellite TV signals! Likely the only way to reflect these microwaves would be to turn a small region of the ionosphere into a radio-opaque plasma using perhaps HF to such an extent that it becomes reflective to microwaves. But then simultaneously you'd need a powerful microwave signal and transmitter, neither of which HAARP has, except a tiny S-band radar to shut off the system when aircraft stray too close. Furthermore, even if this far-fetched death ray could be made it would never be able to reach more than half the planet from any single site.

Earth-penetrating tomography presumably using ELF radio waves.
Meaning HAARP is able to detect underground objects, and some claim even to destroy them, once again magically with short-wave radio! Tomography is possible but you'd have to be able to pick up the reflections some how which would require a secondary, perhaps satellite receiver. It seems like an airborne platform, like a modified J-STARS or EC-135 or something, would make more sense. Old fashioned magnetometers in aircraft can do the same thing already.

HAARP can manipulate the weather.
The energy levels associated with the weather engine of Earth are truly staggering and no radio transmitter could ever hope to possibly compete with it. The only reasonable way HAARP or its relatives could influence weather would be by pinpoint heating of bodies of water or air, clouds or perhaps the jet stream. The problem here, and one the conspiracists ignore, is that it takes microwave energies to do that and HAARP is only using HF and below, far too weak to deliver anything close to the needed energy. HAARP does not even have the antenna system let alone the power generating equipment for creating very powerful directed microwave radiation, the kind needed to excite water vapor. That's why we use a microwave oven and not a short-wave (HF) oven to heat food; only the microwave energy is useful for stimulating oscillation of the water molecules.

HAARP is for HF jamming or OTH radar.
Now this is a little more believable because that's within the frequency range of HAARP's dipole antennas. Perhaps it could be used as a long range missile tracking system if built up. But there are so many better ways to do so that this seems unlikely. The Russians have long annoyed shortwave radio listeners with their over the horizon HF radar used to detect cruise missiles and aircraft that can't be seen with traditional microwave radars that are line of sight limited. HF can bounce off the ionosphere to peer beyond the horizon but this is old technology, mostly outdated anyway.

HAARP is for mind control.
This seem the most ridiculous claim of all but it's really a confusion of disparate phenomena. Circumstantial evidence implicates ELF and ULF waves preceding certain natural phenomena which sometimes causes unusual behavioral responses in animals and very rarely in humans too. The most well known examples are strange animal behaviors just before earthquakes, but other stories also have some basis in fact. The science behind this has to do with the changes in magnetic fields and pressure on the rocks generating low frequency radio waves, and those waves and perhaps other radiation is interacting with biological processes. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to utilize this as an accurate earthquake predictor because the responses are so sporadic. No mind control is involved it's just a subtle response to secondary effects of some natural phenomenon, and animals are much more sensitive to small, unusual changes in their environment than your average senses-deadened TV viewing human. Furthermore, brain waves function over the range from 1 to 35 Hz, but radiation in this wavelength is omnipresent anyway and the only threat would be if the power was very strong and the source close. The mind control issue is pure radio talk show sensationalism. Even the CIA's MK-ULTRA direct pharmacological drugging experiments failed to generate any consistent responses in the victim population because perception colors outcome.

To be succinct, serious claims have to be substantiated with some serious information. Unfortunately the supporting evidence for the nefarious capabilities attributed to HAARP by sensationalists and conspiracists alike is at base unsubstantiated and more often simply ludicrous. The real stuff is more interesting anyway.

The Real HAARP

HAARP is officially claimed to be an ELF radio research project. ELF radio has an interesting history and some useful attributes that give it military value. Project Sanguine by the US Navy once used ELF radiation in the 40-80hz range to test communications capabilities. Evidently these tests were successful because they later upgraded the 45 km (yes that's kilometers) Project Seafarer antenna an Clam Lake Wisconsin with a 222 km one. Another 90 km antenna was constructed at KI Sawyer Air Force Base in Michigan. Navy ELF radio is primarily a very simple one or two letter signal used for granting the 'go-code' to pre-positioned subs to launch their nuclear missiles. Alternatively because of the limitations of this communications system ELF is used as a "bell ringer" to notify the submarine crew to surface and use more conventional radio.

To be even remotely effective ELF needs lots of radiated power because it travels through rock, literally thorough the earth itself and the length of the waves makes it difficult to expeditiously transfer useful information and also requires huge antennas, like that 222 kilometer one. Not only that but latent human health hazards associated with the intense power and low frequencies has prompted numerous environmental groups to demand the upper Midwestern antenna sites be shut down, but so far the Navy has refused because they claim to have no other safe way of communicating with submerged submarines without compromising their positions. One alternate method, blue green lasers, has been explored and they could be fired from satellites to subs a short distance under the surface of the water. But it could potentially reveal the location of the sub because of the direct line of sight of the laser, unlike surface-penetrating ELF radio waves.

Enter HAARP which is researching the capability to generate ELF radio waves as a secondary product of HF radio beamed into the ionosphere.

The heater is used to modulate the conductivity of the lower ionosphere, which in turn modulates ionospheric currents. This modulated current, in effect, produces a virtual antenna in the ionosphere for the radiation of radio waves...The HF transmitter and antenna system at HAARP does not, itself, transmit any signals in the ELF frequency range. Instead these signals would be generated in the ionosphere, at an altitude of approximately 80 - 100 km. ... The process of generating ELF within the ionosphere is very inefficient (the conversion efficiency is about 10-8). As a result, the level of ELF signal reaching the ground is extraordinarily small. Measurements of the ELF signal strength produced in the ionosphere by the HIPAS facility during a recent test, for example, showed field strengths on the order of 5 pT or 0.00005 milligauss (mg)[1]. This field strength is too weak to be detected with any commercially available instrument and is only useful for low data rate communications or for geophysical sensing applications where specialized correlating receivers can be employed. [3]

When they refer to 'heating' it has to do with warming or exciting the plasma to produce radio waves. In this case HF energy is used to produce a global ELF radio broadcast through the antenna of the ionosphere.

ELF, and the even lower ULF, is strange stuff indeed. The biological effects of ELF, and especially ULF radiation, are poorly understood and it's basically everywhere. Electronic devices like video monitors and power lines all produce it, but so do mechanical actions. Power transmission lines usually run at 60 Hz AC cycle. It could be potentially harmful, especially at very close range or under very high powers like headphones or near military ELF radio antennas. Some research has shown that the cancer hazard from living in proximity to high voltage power lines and associated electromagnetic fields comes not from the direct radiation but from the secondary effect of ionized particulate material. Harmful dust and particles are being ionized and this causes them to stick to lung tissue creating cancer dangers.

Using ELF radio has never been particularly successful, and it probably never will. I don't think HAARP seriously expects to ever solve the fundamental limitations of ELF and create a viable communications platform for subs or anything else. This is purely secondary research.

However a much more plausible and intriguing hypothesis is that instead of radio waves, it's magnetic waves. A meaningful signal is actually superimposed over the Earths magnetic field by tweaking the magnetosphere at the region known as the Aurora Jet, or what HAARP refers to as the polar electrojet. [5] This has the benefit of creating a signal detectable anywhere on (or in) the Earth where the magnetic field is present. The transmitter in this case is actually the entire Earth's existing magnetosphere.

"The primary modulation of the HAARP transmitters is a component of about 1 to 6 Hz which matches the natural frequency of the Schumann resonance which is caused by the effectively large electrical cavity between the radiation belts of the magnetosphere and the lower ionosphere.
This cavity normally is filled with RF static noise typically called whistlers created by numerous random powerful lightning discharges around the earth. The effect of the HAARP transmitter is to produce a very large and coherent 5 second "whistler" with a frequency of about 1 to 7 HZ depending on the direction, time of day and the shape of the magnetosphere. This powerful "forcing" signal impressed upon the natural Schumann frequency can "ring" or oscillate from North to South Pole for several to possibly 10 or more seconds. This means, to be used as a communication system, the modulating signal must have a time component longer than the ringing.
To accomplish this, the Navy has produced a standard modulation system consisting of a 5 second pulse with either 30 sec or 15 sec spaces between the pulses, longer than the 'ringing.' The pulses, for communication purposes, are all about the same and contain no data. The signal data actually is the spaces in between the pulses and are a form of "morse code" of short and long spaces, not the "ringing" pulses themselves."

Submarines then utilize a ULF radio, which is really just a magnetometer, to detect these changes in the magnetic field of Earth and decode the message. And a strange radio it is, for the wavelength of a 1 Hz radio signal is an incredible 299,820,000 meters long! The only way this is an improvement of ELF is the fact that the submarine would no longer require a very long wire antenna but could instead utilize a more compact magnetometer as an antenna; and how could you make a 1 Hz quarter wave antenna anyway? Furthermore, since Earth has only one magnetic field it would seem that only one signal could be broadcast at a time and it would be highly vulnerable to jamming.

Beyond that hypothesis, HAARP is primarily what its backers claim it to be - a research device for studying ionospheric and geophysical phenomena as it pertains to radio communications, albeit a very powerful one set to become even more powerful in the next year or so. The idea is to measure what the sun does naturally, that is create storms and other extreme events that disrupt communications. They want to be better able to predict and compensate for the natural events that the sun causes. And these natural events are indeed very powerful to include radio blackouts and even overloaded power grids from solar storms, solar flares, and similar events. And that's important because satellites, like GPS, are increasingly critical to many users, and if a storm hits and the GPS signals are off-line its important to know how to respond. And of course knowing how to counteract these natural effects also implies being able to create your own to knock out enemy communications. The military wouldn't be researching these issues if they didn't think it had military potential. HAARP is investigating the use of the upper atmosphere and magnetic fields as military tools, in other words the Department of Defense is directly exploiting the entire Earth for war fighting. And the term "exploitation" is gleefully strewn about the executive summary on HAARP. [6]

The danger of HAARP is not that it will zap our protective radiation layers into oblivion or that the government is manipulating your brain waves to vote for the Democrats, it's that the military is monopolizing low frequency radio research and monopolizing Earths very magnetic fields for its own use with the token civilian research team thrown in for good publicity. Earth is now for the official use of Generals and soldiers to murder more effectively. HAARP was conceived and designed with the still resilient Cold War mentality deeply imbedded into it because, after all, HAARP is an effort to beat the Soviets because they built a more powerful 'heater' and dammit that won't do for America. The Soviets supposedly developed a super weapon, a revolutionary breakthrough and the west is falling behind! It's the same 'lets exploit it quick and dirty before the bad guys beat us to it' mentality that nearly starved the Bikinian's to death just so the military could nuke their island, which they may never be able to return to. The same horribly flawed reasoning that justified preemptive nuclear strikes against the Soviet Union because the rulers were convinced that nuclear war was inevitable (and even winnable). All of this research, the never ending need for more funding just so they can go and bomb some impoverished third world nation whose military consists of a guy with a rusty Kalashnikov and a helicopter they can't fly for lack of spare parts.

The military planners have no excuse, there is no Cold War, there's no good need for total secrecy, there's no bogey-man superpower-enemy, just a lot of small conflicts and a lot of disparate interests around the globe all of which could be much better resolved with diplomacy and open communications than with stealth bombers and high energy beam-weapons. HAARP may not be the super-secret super-weapon the paranoids sell books about and go on speaking tours to rapt, ignorant and gullible American audiences, but it's still another cog in that military machine no less serious because it's an issue of military exploitation and abuse of natural resources for their own interests at the cost of both environment and legitimate scientific research.

Instead of continuing to write the military and its research tentacles blank checks every time they need extra billions it's time to demand accountability, to demand and see some serious oversight and respect for the legitimate and changing needs of the taxpayers, the people living near these projects and ones affected by them, which in the case of HAARP includes the entire planet. HAARP's supporters need to unambiguously explain the product emanating from their research and to what purpose it will be put to use. Regardless, I have a suspicion that the world's inhabitants are significantly less enthusiastic about HAARP than it's military and political backers.
- Freydis, 2001

Film Review: Holes in Heaven

The documentary film Holes in Heaven: HAARP and Advances in Tesla Technology (2005) DVD, attempts to explain HAARP and showcases a variety of  interpretations on what HAARP technology can potentially do, both official and unofficial, and some are definitely more credible than others. The film does a decent job of explaining what HAARP basically is and the key people involved in it, and although the film has an alarmist tone I still recommend watching it, particularly for some of the people interviewed like the inventor Eastlund.

Plasma Physicist Dr. Bernard Eastlund states that he worked for ARCO to develop technology to make use of their vast natural gas reserves located in remote northern Alaska. The plan was to burn the natural gas on site to create power that would then be beamed to another location on the planet. So, working for ARCO Eastlund developed the phased array antenna idea and the patents later used in HAARP. Eastlund stated that he was not involved in the HAARP research project, but did seem somewhat surprised at the new military applications being envisioned for his patents.

It's important to point out that most all of the extraordinary events and powers ascribed to the HAARP system presented in the film, like a super-lightning strike, weather and mind control, are hypothetical outcomes and they may not actually be possible at all. Nonetheless public concerns for powerful technology being abused and exploited to serve the purposes of warfare under the euphemism of ‘national defense’ are certainly justified considering the established historical precedent of exactly that. 15.01.07


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